Plantar Fascia

Plantar Fascia

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The Plantar FasciaTM band in the foot should be in hibernation and only engage hone the foot arch suddenly drops from landing heavily on feet such as a jump from a wall. This tape is used to pull the forefoot closer to the rear-foot and reducing the tensile stress and load throughout the plantar fascia. Useful for anyone standing on their feet for long periods such as soldiers, teachers, chefs, hairdressers and this with plantar fasciitis. Plantar FasciaTM band does not stretch for is the foot arch is dropping the plantar fascia band loads constantly which pulls its insertion away from the heel bone. This results in swelling after long periods of rest such as sleeping. When standing it causes great pain and then sub-sides after 20 steps as the circulation kicks in. By pulling the fore-foot closer to the rear-foot, like horses reigns, the plantar fascia can go back into hibernation. Advised to use in conjunction with Heel BuzzTM and The WaveTM orthotics.


• 28 x  Plantar Fascia Tape A
• 28 x  Plantar Fascia Tape B

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